By the way, last night's debate sucked.

That’s not surprising, after all presidential debates always suck, but in the middle of what could be the biggest financial crises since the great depression you’d think at least one of them could have taken their balls out of the sack they’re keeping them in and said something meaningful.

McCain missed a great opportunity to lay the blame at the feet of the responsible parties. Federal regulations forcing lenders to make bad loans lead us directly into this mess, and the Democrats like Barny Frank are directly to blame.

On the gripping hand Obama missed his chance to sound Presidential by describing his plan for fixing the economy. He doesn’t have a plan, and the President can’t fix the economy, but “uh” and “um” certainly aren’t reassuring.

Then there’s that whole war thing going on. Obama seems to think it’s a good idea to tell our allies that we’re going to invade them, just after saying that invading Iraq was a mistake. I’m confused, is it OK to invade or not?

Then McCain decided to go walkabout on the stage. It’s TV. STAY ON YOUR MARK!

Neither one is worth a bucket of spit.

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