Only Ones you can't shoot at.

This is a really bad idea.

Pennsylvania is about to enact a law that would require a 20 year mandatory sentence for intentionally firing a gun at a police officer.

Sorry, that’s too much. Sometimes cops, like anyone else, break the law. In fact cops as a group are more likely to break the law than the general population. When they do, their targets need to be able to defend themselves.

This law needs to be vetoed and the City of Brotherly Love needs to deal with their criminal problem instead of trying to make the rest of the state suffer.

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0 Responses to Only Ones you can't shoot at.

  1. JoeTheBookie says:

    So you encourage shooting at cops?

  2. alan says:

    If they’re committing crimes that would justify the use of deadly force to stop, then yes.

    Cops aren’t, nor should they be, above the law.