Politics: Don't Panic!

Regardless of who wins the election, most people will think they’re a crappy President.  But that’s OK, because we have a long tradition of electing crappy Presidents in the United States.  From Washington on, all the Presidents failed miserably.  Failed because they are human.

And let’s not get started on Congress.  

There never were better days for government.  Politicians have always been venial, self serving and corrupt. To expect otherwise is to ignore human nature.

The beauty of the US Constitution is that it doesn’t matter because the founders created a fail safe government.  No matter how miserable the parts are we keep lurching along, generally in the right direction because while politicians suck, Americans do not.    It’s a testament to the American Dream that most people don’t vote.  We’re too busy getting on with life to bother.

We’ve survived truly horrible Presidents, and dysfunctional and corrupt Congresses.  So if your candidate doesn’t win this year, don’t worry.  You’ll have another chance to elect an equally sucky President in four years.   And in the mean time, get on with life.   It’s the people that make this country great, not the government.

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