Mini Geekette – Her First Notebook

It’s an Apple Macbook Pro of course.

The Monkey has had an iMac for a couple of years, but lately she’s been asking for a notebook.  She wanted to be able to have a computer with her when she travels.  (I can’t blame her for that.)

She recently turned eight, and I gave her my old Macbook Pro to replace her iMac.  (Nothing wrong with the iMac, she just wanted something more portable.)   In the photo she’s playing Pirates Of The Caribbean.  She also uses OpenOffice for school stuff and plays other games, watches movies and TV shows and roots around on the Internet.   To her the Internet is just there and she’s had a computer her whole life.  I caught her on Wikipedia looking up stuff for school the other day.  I asked her how she found  it, and she looked at me scornfully and said “Google, duh…”      

I’m so proud.

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