Broken TruGlo TFO – Updated Again

This is turning into a review of sorts for TruGlo TFO sights so I’ll pad it out a little with as much info as I have.

Back in February 2008, I put a set of TruGlo TFOs on my XD .40  and I really like them. They’re bright in the day, even on overcast days, and the tritium glow is visible from dusk on into night. They’re really great day/night sights. 

Last Saturday (11-8-2008) at the CCIDPA club match the green fiber optic piece fell out of the front sight.

Here’s the rear for comparison.  You can see where the missing piece would be on the front.

I figured it would be no big deal to replace it. I know other people who have fiber optic sights and they’re always replacing the fiber optic pieces that break or fall out..

I emailed TruGlo and asked them what size fiber I needed to replace the missing piece.  Their reply was:

The sight will need to be repaired here at our facility. Please call our toll free number and ask for returns. They can make arrangements to have the sight sent in for repair.

So I called TruGlo, and the guy I talked to told me the tritium vial and the fiber optic are all one piece and they whole thing would have to be replaced.  Fortunately TruGlo is in Richardson TX, and I live about 20 miles from there.   He said I could drop off the slide and they would fix the front sight.

So tomorrow, I’m dropping the slide off at TruGlo.   

Of course now I have questions about the ruggedness of the sight.  I’ve put about 5000 rounds through the pistol since I put the TFOs on.  For some people that’s a a lifetime’s worth of ammo, but now I’m wondering if the TFOs can take that kind of duty cycle.  Was the failure of my front sight a design flaw or due to a manufacturing defect?


UPDATE 11-12-2008:  

I dropped the XD .40 slide off at TruGlo this morning.  They said they’d have the front sight repaired by tomorrow.  I asked about the cause of failure and was told that it was likely a manufacturing defect in the process of inserting the fiber and tritium vial into the sight.  

UPDATE 11-13-2008:

Picked up the slide from TruGlo.  The front sight is repaired and looks great:

I still wonder if the sight as designed can stand up to tens of thousands of rounds fired.  I’ll update this post in another 5000 rounds with a status. 

On the other hand I have nothing but praise for TruGlo’s support. One day turn around, no questions asked, no charge repair.   You can’t beat that.  

I still recommend TFOs and plan on buying them in the future.

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