Civic Literacy Brag

You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %

Average score for this quiz during November: 78.1%
Average score: 78.1%

And the one I missed, “Question #33 – D. tax per person equals government spending per person” I could argue.

This is the same quiz that the wonderful elected “public servants” only averaged 44% on.

You can take it here.

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0 Responses to Civic Literacy Brag

  1. Since the question started with IF “If taxes equal government spending, then:” you really can’t argue. However that’s unfortunately not the case.

    Two of the questions I missed I have no excuse except trying to read the answers too quickly. I didn’t remember about FDR and the Supreme Court. And I think it was more than just Jefferson’s letters that brought about the Bill of rights, but rather his and others.

  2. alan says:

    Oh, I can always argue.

    What if some of the money is sent overseas as foreign aid? Then although taxes might equal spending, it can be argued that taxes per person does not equal spending per person since the persons aren’t receiving the spending.

    (I said it could be argued, not that it made sense.)

  3. Jim says:

    90.91% Missed one on FDR’s stuff and two on economics. Never understood that stuff.