More Anti-EBR Asshattery

No matter what the sport or hobby, there is always some elitist asshole trying to ruin things for everyone else.

Sebastian has words for hunters that think no one needs a semi-auto rifle.

This is Wayne Pacelle, he’s the head of the Humaine Society of the United States, a group that proposes to end hunting in North America, one species at a time. Mr. Pacelle has no less than a goal to be to “rival the National Rifle Association.”

When these people come for your sport, if they already have my AR-15, I’m out of the fight. I do not hunt — I’m a competitive target shooter, and I carry a pistol for self-defense. My interest in preserving hunting is in preserving an important part of the shooting sports. If you, and those who think like you, cause me losing my sport, what interest do I have to fight for yours? When you understand that you are under just as much threat as we are, you’ll give your arrogance and understand we’re on this boat together, so you better pick up a bucket and start bailing, or we’re going to sink.

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