It's Time For Open Carry In Texas is trying to make open carry legal in Texas. A bill to allow open carry will be introduced in January.

They’re setting their sights on Texas and coming out firing.

More than a month before the legislative session starts Jan. 13, gun-rights supporters are asking state lawmakers to pass an “open carry” law to let Texans stop covering up the guns they carry and wear them openly.

They are putting their message on billboards, on banners on cabs and in radio ads, asking others to sign on to the cause.

“We are targeting Texas,” said Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder of, a champion of the growing nationwide effort. “Texas is probably the most pro-gun state, but doesn’t have open-carry laws.

“As Texans realize how restrictive their rights are .?.?. there will be an awakening. Get ready for a showdown in Austin come January.”

If you live in Texas, please visit the website and sign the petition. You can also donate money to the cause.

Texas is one of only six states that don’t allow some form of open carry. Lets fix that in 2009.

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