Joke of the Day: An MP5 walks into a bar…


Commandos of the National Security Guard (NSG) were caught by surprise on Friday afternoon when they were fired at by an MP5 submachine gun. Till then, they were being fired at only by AK47s.

The MP5 is far superior to the AK47 and is only used by the security forces of various countries.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…. Oh stop… You’re killing me…

In the photo below, the 9mm is on the left, and the 7.62×39 is on the right.

Guess which one the H&K MP5 fires? 

(Hint:  It’s the little one.)


The MP5 is a sub-machine gun (SMG).  It fires a pistol round.

The AK-47 is an assault rifle.  Otherwise known as a machine gun (MG). It fires the 7.62×39.

Functionally the 9mm fired from the MP5 is no different than the 9mm fired from my M11 SMG, only SWD didn’t think I suck and they didn’t hate me.  And I paid a lot less.

On the gripping hand, a 7.62×39 fired from an AK-47 is much more powerful than the 9mm.

I’ll take an AK-47 over an MP5 in gunfight any time.


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  2. bob r says:

    A typo in the post and in the first comment: 7.62×39 — not 7.72×39 or 7.52×39.

    AK-47 over an MP5 any time and every time.

  3. alan says:

    Thanks Bob.

  4. Michael says:

    Just thought I’d weigh in.The 7.62x39mm round IS a more powerful round than a 9x19mm parabellum. However the AK47 (Automat Kalishnakov) is a cheap piece of Warsaw Pact, Balkan, or Asian (depending on where it’s made) garbage. It’s a conscript weapon made for indiscriminate spraying. The Hechler & Koch MP5 is a closed bolt precision submachine gun. True it is not as powerful however, power matters little without rounds on target. The MP5 excells at that. Having fired both weapons a number of times (I own a Romanian AK47 WASR 10); I would take the MP5 in almost any situation over the AK. Barring that I just could not close to range with the attacker. As for the news reporting that the police were outgunned simply because the terrorist possesed and MP5, you are correct they are in error as usual. The media is stupid.