Now they're just being stupid

A couple of weeks ago the CEOs of the three largest US auto makers flew into DC to beg for money. In private jets.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth (including mine) over the PR debacle.

Now they are headed back to DC, again to beg for money on behalf of the UAW. (It is, after all, the high paid union jobs and pensions they’re trying to save, not the business.)

Only this time they drove, which shows they’re still clueless idiots.

All three CEOs made the trip to Washington in high-mileage hybrid vehicles…

When asked if the bad experience two weeks ago was the motivation for driving, GM spokesman Edd Snyder, who traveled in the caravan along with Wagoner, two engineers and two security guards, said making cars “is what we do for a living and people should see them.”

GM’s Snyder said Wagoner plans to drive back to Michigan, though he didn’t say when. Driving round-trip cost about $100 per car, including gas and tolls.

No, check again. The trip cost more than $100 per car. We have three cars, each with a driver, “two engineers” and “two security guards.”

So instead of hopping on a commercial flight which would have cost a few hundred dollars, they pull a stunt like this which shows how out of touch they are yet again.

A 500 mile road trip requires a driver, engineers and security guards?

Out of touch.

No more bailouts.

UPDATE: More on this stunt from Russ Roberts at Cafe Hayek

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