TSA – Misses the "gunpowder", investigates wood flute.

More evidence of security theater:

Last Thursday, December 5, I brought five ounces (140 grams) of old-fashioned black gunpowder to San Francisco airport. I also brought along a boarding pass for United flight 720 to Denver that I had created at home, in an computer art program. TSA agents accepted the boarding pass. They also took no notice at all of the gunpowder. Accepting the boarding pass was reasonable. Boarding passes that we design and print at home look just like ones designed by the airlines that we print at home. I had thought, though, that I might elicit a short conversation about the gunpowder.

She goes on to say the gunpowder wasn’t mixed yet, but isn’t the TSA ban on liquids supposedly based on the idea that liquids could be mixed to form an explosive?

Instead the screener focused on her bamboo flutes.

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