Did someone put extra stupid in the DC water supply?

Michael Bane is reporting that the Democrats are going to push hard for a new “Assault Weapon Ban” in January.   

Apparently I was wrong in my thinking that the Dems had been burned enough times on the gun issue that they’d wait until at least after the 2010 midterm elections before sticking their toe back into the parana pool.

 Sources from Washington are telling me that President-Elect Obama may move forward on an Assault Weapons/Magazine Capacity Ban ASAP — maybe as soon as later this January.

I guess the Republicans aren’t the only stupid party after all.

Ultimately I think an AWB will fail. But it looks like there will be a fight over it.

If you’re not an NRA member, join now. Yes, they suck. I know it, I hate the fund raising machine too, but the ONLY thing that will defeat a new AWB is the promise that we have enough voters to have every congress critter looking for a new job after the next election if they vote for a new ban.

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