Adopt a pet on Jan. 24th for free.

Captain Robert of my favorite Steam Punk band Abney Park says you can adopt a pet from over 300 adoption centers across the country on January 24th.

From USAToday:

They’re pulling out all the stops next week — including giving pets to some adopters at no charge — in a nationwide effort to boost the number of shelter animals that find new homes.

Three hundred shelters across the USA are holding Change a Pet’s Life Day on Jan. 24, aimed at focusing attention on shelters and rescue groups and enticing potential adopters. Fees for the first 10 adoptions at each participating shelter will be paid for by Topeka-based Hill’s Pet Nutrition, which organized the event.

Three of my dogs are from shelters, and I approve of and endorse adopting pets. It’s not their fault no one wanted them, so on the 24th, think about making a place in your home for a new friend.

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  1. I wish they were doing this around here. I read about this last week and would definitely have taken advantage of it. Of course, they are doing it about 2 hours away so perhaps I can make the treck.

    Thanks for highlighting this.