Dustin FTW!

Dustin got around to checking his stats and discovered he had signed up 44 new NRA members

Bloggers representing 14 sites recruited more than 90 NRA members since mid-November! And even more kudos go to Dustin for his efforts. Turns out that he signed up as a recruiter for NRA and really went to work recruiting heavily. He added 44 members in the contest period.

I repeat what I said before, if you’re not a member of the NRA, join now. Sign up your spouse, your kids, your parents and anyone else you know. Also, join your state NRA affiliate. Join the GOA. Join the SAF.

Our constitutional rights are in peril, and if you can’t bothered to do as little as forking over a few dollars to support the groups defending those rights, then YOU are the reason we’ll loose them.

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