Global Warming? So What.

I’m fed up with global warming.

Yes, the climate changes. We have a pretty clear historical record that shows that it’s been much colder in the past.

Ice ages? Yes, several.

But it’s also been warmer, as recently as 1000 years ago.

And now that we know the “scientific” basis for the theory of man made global warming is utter crap can we quit talking about it as if we were actually going to do something?

No one cares about global warming. Even the countries who signed the dreadful Kyoto treaty have done nothing to implement its policies. No one is willing to take the economic hit required to “fix” the climate even if they could agree that it is broken.

Let’s call it what it is. It’s a tool the left uses trying to backdoor policies they couldn’t get implemented by being up front about it.

Global warming has jumped the shark.

UPDATE: More here.

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