Ebooks: Cheaper than dead trees.

Via Instapundit:

Paper isn’t cheap. Especially if you’re throwing it away every day.

Over at the Silicon Alley Insider, they did the math.

Not that it’s anything we think the New York Times Company should do, but we thought it was worth pointing out that it costs the Times about twice as much money to print and deliver the newspaper over a year as it would cost to send each of its subscribers a brand new Amazon Kindle instead.

Whether we want it or not, the future is clear. Disposable paper will be replaced with electronic. Dead tree books will still exist in some form, but dailies and periodicals will go paper free sooner rather than later. Costs will be the deciding factor.

What we’re trying to say is that as a technology for delivering the news, newsprint isn’t just expensive and inefficient; it’s laughably so.

The Kindle and its cousins are the future of the “printed” word.

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  1. Breda says:

    You’re starting to make me consider a Kindle. Don’t tell the other librarians!