Screw Mobile

Fans of L. Neil Smith may remember something like this used on Majesty in the novel Taflak Lysandra.

It’s so awesome I almost wish I lived where it snows so I could build one.

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0 Responses to Screw Mobile

  1. JD says:

    OK, that is just cool. . . and with all the ice on my driveway I could use one. . .

  2. Sgt.Fathead says:

    I’m envisioning a set for my Nissan Titan Crew Cab! What a great video showing American ‘can do’ innovation!

  3. perlhaqr says:

    I’m not envisioning good things for that load of logs going down hill.

  4. john b says:

    I may just have to$ have that ready for next winter….
    ‘Cept I’m spending it in Arizona!