pdb has the right of it


You idiots. A bunch of funny looking Austrians proved back in the 1930s that government can’t create wealth or jobs. It can only transfer them from place to place or group to group with a loss of efficiency in between. You are not allowed to have an opinion on this, any more than you can have an opinion on gravity or evolution.

You want economic growth? Eliminate the income tax. Don’t cut it, eliminate it. The FedGov gets half its budget from taxes, the other half from fees, and import and excise taxes. To reduce the size of the FedGov in half we’d only have to go back to 1985 or so, and I don’t recall anyone saying that it was too small back then. Then, Stand The Fuck Back.

Income tax in the US is mostly to make the progressives happy about income redistribution. The feds would do just fine on smaller budget.

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