A disposable Laser Printer?

I picked this Samsung laser printer up yesterday for $48. A toner cartridge for that printer costs $30.

Granted it was on sale, but still. At that low a price relative to the toner cartridge, it makes the rest of the printer fairly disposable. Have we finally achieved the razor blade model for printers? Give away the printer, sell the toner?

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0 Responses to A disposable Laser Printer?

  1. Mark Alger says:

    Been that way for years, with desktop inkjets selling for under $100 — and sometimes being given away — and ink carts running $30.


  2. Whitebread says:

    Inkjets have been that way for years, but inkjets have always been a bit of a scam since the ink was so expensive for the tiny amount of printing one could get done.

    I’ve been using a 2510 as pictured for six months in the office. I print probably 15 pages a day of reports and five or six checks on average, and I’m still using the toner that came with the printer.

  3. Sevesteen says:

    Chances are the cartridge in the printer is a starter, with far less toner than a replacement. That’s another scam with printers.