Feelings vs Facts

aepilot_Jim at Confessions of a Gun Toting Seagull talks about feelings and facts. You need to read it for the awesome set up, but here’s a little taste:

Hoplophobes cry that guns are bad and, sometimes psychotically, ignore the fact that crime rates drop in states that allow concealed carry.

They are convinced they are right because they feel that it is so. The facts must be wrong because they feel that they are. So, they merrily go along holding tighter and tighter to their world, railing against reality that must, MUST be wrong, because their feelings tell them so.

Srsly, read the whole thing. Piloting is one of those hard fields where facts rule. No amount of wishing will keep you in the air if your engine quits.

Too many of our problems today are caused by people who think they can wish things the way they want them to be. Normally we call people like that children and today it looks like the children are in charge and wishing as hard as they can.

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