Texas Open Carry Bleg

If you’re in Texas, please contact your state rep and ask them to introduce the open carry bill.

Release from OpenCarry.org

Dear Texas Open Carry Petition Signer,

At over 55,000 signatures, we sure have come a long way in the fight to decriminalize open carry in the great state of Texas, but we’re not done yet!

We still have not had a bill introduced this legislative session.

All you need to do is take 10 minutes out of your day and give your State Representatives and Senators a call and let them know that you signed the petition for open carry in Texas and that you would like them to introduce an open carry bill this session.

Here is a link to find your Representatives/Senators and their contact information:

Not sure what to talk about? Here are some talking points:
Oklahoma and South Carolina have already filed NO-LICENSE open carry bills this legislative session in response to petitions that are almost 18 TIMES smaller than the petition for Texas!
Arkansas is following suit as well.
Open carry also helps to protect CHL holders from wrongful arrest if their firearm becomes exposed.
If a bill is not filed this session, Texas could become one of just 3 or 4 states that criminalize open carry.
The current drafted bill by Representative Riddle is for licensed open carry. This means that the people with CHL’s that are already carrying handguns would simply have the option to carry openly.
If open carry gets legalized, it will not be a return to the wild west as many critics argue. Is it like the wild west in all the other states where it is perfectly lawful to openly carry a firearm? No.

If your Representative or Senator is not supportive of unlicensed open carry, ask them how they feel about licensed open carry.

Any step in the right direction is a good step.

You would be surprised how big of a difference a few phone calls makes. Let’s give them a few THOUSAND!

Working Hard For You,
Ian McCarthy
Chairman – Texas Open Carry Work Group

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  1. Robb Allen says:

    Here in the Gunshine state, it’s the one thing that still has me scratching my head. We’re shall issue. We can carry in places that serve alcohol. We can carry in churches, mass transit, public areas, etc. We do not have to retreat and we have castle doctrine in place. And even though I disagree with it vehemently, CCW holders can not be fired for not allowing their employers to search their cars for weapons (they can fire you for not allowing them to search your car for sausage, though! Non-CCW holders? Tough titties, you’re not protected)

    Open carry, however, is VERBOTEN! And don’t even mention trying to push for it or even the gunniest of gunnies will bitch and moan that it’s going to harm their ability to carry.