Stay Out Of My Space!

Oh hell no.

I don’t care if you are the President, you don’t get to invade my personal space.

If White House etiquette is any indication, you should be getting a random hug soon. The Obama family was always cuddly on the campaign trail, and last month the President bestowed no fewer than nine hugs on senior male staffers at a single meeting.

No No No.

How many times have I sat through that HR lecture on sexual harassment? Hugging is just not appropriate in the work place.

Besides I carry guns and stabby things.

Distance is good.

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0 Responses to Stay Out Of My Space!

  1. Well, I thought about hugging you at Phlegmmy’s.

    But that was only because of your man-purse.

  2. Ride Fast says:

    “stabby things” solves my inability to spell khaniffy correctly. Thank you.

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