On the Ammo Shortage

I know that even a few months ago, I could walk into a Wal Mart and buy a thousand rounds of .40 S&W or .45 ACP any time. Now I might find one box if I’m lucky.

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media has an explanation:

Much of the demand comes from continued high law enforcement demand, the same demand that led to shortages two years ago. Police agencies around the nation have become more militarized in recent years and two trends within this militarization have led to greater police ammunition demand.

Do I have to say here that militarization of the civilian police force is a VERY bad idea?

But I doubt that there are enough police shooting enough ammo to cause the current shortage. Even if they do shoot thousands of rounds in training, there just aren’t enough cops to buy that much ammo.

As economies become unstable and people lose jobs, crime rates go up. It is an economic fact of life. Many people who are worried about an increase in crime arm themselves during economic downturns, leading to an increased demand for firearms and ammunition.

As a result of all of these factors, manufacturers of firearms and ammunition saw demand increase to unprecedented levels as civilians have made a run on the kind of firearms they suspect that gun control advocates presently in charge will try to outlaw.

I think that’s the real reason. Contrary to liberal beliefs, most people aren’t stupid. We know what is in charge of the government now and the half of the population that didn’t vote for socialism in America knows what’s coming. We’re stocking up.

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0 Responses to On the Ammo Shortage

  1. Old NFO says:

    Copper has quadrupled, lead has doubled in price. Lake City is producing 1,000,000 rounds a month of .223 and using “most” of the production of primers available. That is what I think is causing the shortage… Just my .02

  2. Ted says:

    As to the militarization of the police, if you buy an expensive, shiny new toy, you’ll want to use it.

    Kathryn Johnston could not be reached for comment, because she’s dead.

  3. kaveman says:

    I feel thankful that I stocked up on both guns and ammo well before the messiah assumed the throne.

    After the “Patriot Act” passed I built up to 10,000 rounds which are hermetically sealed. Now up to 15,000 rounds with a dedicated stash.

  4. Roadkill says:

    Think the PDs are stockpiling just like everyone else? Then again, tens of thousands of officers having learn from the ground up on a .223 platform is going to take a lot of ammo. How much ammo does a PD keep per officer on hand? How much for his handgun, how much for his shotgun? How much training ammo or how much SD ammo? Its interesting to think about. Years ago I learned that the Kentucky State Police had gone to Springfield M1As for a patrol carbine. One trooper was discussing how much he had to shoot it to get qualified, and I am thinking he ended up shooting 1k at minimum. Ouch.