Oh, NOW they want good news.

For eight years the media beat the doom and gloom drum. Nothing was reported if it was good news unless it could be spun in a negative light.

Now suddenly MSNBC is looking for good news.

Between the drumbeat of bad economic stories, two wars and a winter that won’t quit, NBC’s Brian Williams knows he’s been anchoring a depressing “Nightly News” for a depressed audience.

Gee, you think telling people they’re miserable for a decade might have bad consequences?

Williams said he’s been hearing it repeatedly from people he meets on the street or viewers who send e-mails: The news is so bad every night that it’s a burden to watch.

Yeah, NOW it’s too bad to watch. Funny about that timing because when things actually weren’t bad, the media was busy telling us it was the worst time ever. Telling us that we were horrible people and the US sucked.

So now that the economy actually does suck, we’re looking for happy news?

Sorry MSM, your man got elected and he’s fucking up by the numbers.

Report that, why don’t you.

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0 Responses to Oh, NOW they want good news.

  1. Ted says:

    I’ve given up counting the number of beclowning events the MSM serves up.

    Can’t they all just hurry up and go out of business?

  2. Old NFO says:

    But… but… They can’t, that would prove the Lightbringer is human… :-0