Teaching your kids to shoot

Robb Allen had a shooty moment with his daughter.

There’s nothing that warms my heart more than a kid asking to go shooting. It’s even better when it’s your daughter for some reason.

Mine is eight and she’s still too small for the .22, but she loves plinking cans with the BB gun in the back yard.

Congratulations Robb!

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0 Responses to Teaching your kids to shoot

  1. Newbius says:

    My daughter (age 16) asked to go to the range yesterday also. Her first time. We covered firearms safety, range safety, proper handling, function and controls of all of the guns, then punched paper for the next 90 minutes.

    She’s equally accurate with either hand and can even handle the .45 Auto.

    Life is good.


  2. Old NFO says:

    I started mine at age 10. Both girls started on the .22 Ruger and worked up to .45s, now both own G19s and keep and shoot them for personal protection. I took my grandson for the first time at Christmas (he’s 10).

  3. Jay G. says:

    Interesting. This year I’ll be bringing The Boy to the range – he’s 8 as well – for his first time shooting.

    We got the Red Ryder BB gun last summer after the Cub Scout summer camp, and both he and his sister love shooting cans in the backyard.

    Figure he’s big enough to move up this year…