Star Trek Trailer

I’ll go see it. But it will suck.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since the sixties. I watched TOS reruns in the 70s. I saw my hopes destroyed by the first movie. I tried to like TNG, but I never did. Don’t even start me on the Voyager disaster. Of the other movies, Wrath of Kahn was good, and IV was OK. The rest were crap.

Oh, and Enterprise. So much potential. Beautiful opening credits paired with that horrible song. And, Oh My God, horrible writing. Such a waste.

Now this. Sigh. I know it will suck, but I can’t not see it because the ghost of TOS compels me.

I’ll buy a ticket at the theater and waste a few hours of my life.

And hate myself for it.

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0 Responses to Star Trek Trailer

  1. Jay G. says:

    IMHO, Deep Space Nine was the best of the post TOS group. There was some DAMN good writing in that series.

    As for the movies, well… Star Trek IV was cute…

    (“Captain! There be WHALES here!”)

  2. Sgt.Fathead says:

    it might surprise us all! one can hope, right?