My Flying Car, Finally?

No, because I suck and the FAA hates me (funny how that works for more than H&K), but it’s still cute.

From the Daily Mail:

Carl Dietrich, creator of the Terrafugia, said: ‘This breakthrough changes the world of personal mobility – it’s what aviation enthusiasts have been striving for since 1918.’

The company claims its flying vehicle can soar 400 miles through the air on a single tank of gas.

Meanwhile refueling involves no more than driving into the nearest forecourt and filling up with unleaded petrol.

Other flying cars have been demonstrated before, but this is the first proven model with foldable wings which allows it to seamlessly transfer from air to road.

However there’s a few barriers to entry – the car/plane will cost about £139,000 at launch, although car enthusiasts may note this is no more than a top-end Bentley.

Drivers will also need to provide full driver’s or pilot’s license if they get pulled over mid-flight.

As a light aircraft, it will struggle to fly in poor weather, bad visibility or restricted airspace, but it does have the added advantage of continuing the journey by road if conditions turn for the worse.

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