Bye Bye Card Check

Hopefully this is the end of card check.

Then today Sen. Arlen Specter, whose vote would be needed to cut off the anticipated filibuster in the Senate, uncorked what appeared to be a knockout blow to Big Labor. He finally signaled his opposition on the floor of the Senate after weeks of speculation and the emergence of primary challengers. He announced that he would not support cloture, although he left the door open for more modest amendments to federal labor law.

Anyone who’s ever worked in a union shop knows how the game works. You go against the union and bad things start happening to you. You walk out after work and find your tires slashed. Or maybe you’re threatened, or left a message you can’t miss at your house.

The secret ballot is the only way to keep union intimidation from skewing a unionization vote. Card Check is just another attempt by the left at a power grab. I’m happy that Senator Specter has decided to not support it.

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