Saturday Project – Rabbit Hutch

Easter + 8 year old daughter = Rabbit.

So today I built a hutch from some scrap wood I had in the garage with the assistance of the afore mentioned daughter.


Rabbit investigates new home. “Hopefully” it’s dog proof. We’ll see.


And the finished product, parked next to the radio tower for now.


Daughter is picking out the colors she wants to paint it with now. I’m sure it will be colorful.

She’s all excited, but to me rabbits are food, not pets. And with four dogs in the back yard and a cat in the house that already hates teh bunny, I’m not giving good odds on it living long.

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0 Responses to Saturday Project – Rabbit Hutch

  1. Bitter says:

    Beware the lightning. I know it sounds insane, but my rabbit got struck by lightning. Granted, its cage was up near a tree. But still, how many rabbits get fried by lightning?

  2. Breda says:

    Nice work. Do you hire out? I need some bookshelves.

  3. alan says:

    I make great bookshelves.

  4. Jerry Connally says:

    They taste like chicken to the dogs.

    What does this have to do with Boomershoot??????

  5. alan says:

    And Bitter, lightning fried rabbit sounds pretty tasty. I may extend the lightning ground from the tower over to the hutch.

  6. Jerry Connally says:

    Did you forget that you mostly read electronic books?

  7. thirdpower says:

    I just cleaned (what was left of) one up from the yard that escaped from its pen.