Boomershoot in 8 Days!

(I feel like I’m doing a countdown to the arrival of Bronson Alpha. -Alan)

I leave for Boomershoot in 8 days! Holy Crap!

If I don’t take the AR, I don’t have to ship ammo. I can take the .308 ammo I’ll need on the plane with me. I really want to take the AR but the extra bag fee is $25 each way and I don’t know that it’s worth $50 to take a rifle I only “might” use.

Thing is, if I don’t take it I’ll probably need it. Sigh…

.308 Rifle + Pelican Case + Ammo < 50 lbs. YAY! No overweight bag fees. And it looks like I'll be packing warm. Joe says there is snow on the ground at the Boomershoot site. (And mud)

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  1. Joe Huffman says:

    If you want to have the ammo shipped to me and then pick it up on site send me an email and I’ll give you a shipping address.