Vicious Circle #5 – 1911 vs Glock take 2

I screwed up the recording of the 1911 vs Glock episode, so I decided to redo it with a few more people. And the incredible, awesome Phlegmmy from Fatale Abstraction joined us.

Episode 5: Glock vs 1911 AGAIN!

Alan, Paul, TD, Unix-Jedi, Stingray, PDB and Phlegmmy talk about the age old question, 1911 or Glock? This is a special expanded episode to make up for the one I screwed up last time.

We talked for two hours last night, but I managed to cut it down to only an hour and a half.

You will laugh and you might learn something. (but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that learning thing.)

Vicious Circle #5

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle #5 – 1911 vs Glock take 2

  1. Jay G. says:

    Will have to listen when I get home tonight.

    Just out of curiosity, what’s the process for call-in selection?

    (he asks, innocently, with no ulterior motives of wanting to hang with the kewl kids or anything…)


  2. Brian says:

    asymptote? i can not recall which century i last heard that term! LOL

  3. Jerry Connally says:

    That was a good debate.