Bloggers At Boomershoot 2009

Ry Jones with his daughter Arden (who also blogs). That’s a suppressed AR and yes she hit boomers with it.


ET who is also an op on the popular #gunblogger_conspiracy IRC channel.

Kevin who has a little blog you might have heard of.

Derek at the High Intensity event.

David and his awesome table o’ pistols.

Bonnie with one of those KelTec .223s I want.

Matthew AKA TriggerFinger. He was shooting that target that everyone is talking about.

And of course Joe who was describing how he broke a big rock with a big boom.

A fine bunch of people, and while I’ve talked to many of them on line, this is the first time we’ve met IRL. There were a few more and as soon as I find their photos, I’ll update. I’m already looking forward to next year.

UPDATE: I forgot about Barron and his blog, The Minuteman. I knew I was forgetting someone. He’s got some video of the great fireball that almost destroyed Northern Idaho. (OK, slight exaggeration,) Worth a look!

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0 Responses to Bloggers At Boomershoot 2009

  1. Ry Jones says:

    Fun times! Glad you made it out.

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