ViciousCircle 07 – Boomershoot 2009

Episode 7: Boomershoot 2009

Alan and Squeaky talk about going to Boomershoot 2009. PDB listens enviously. The other losers that are normally on the podcast got scared and ran off.

Topics include what I did wrong, making boomers, Squeaky’s broken nose and the joy of making things go BOOM!

You can click the link below to listen or find us on iTUnes.

Vicious Circle #7

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0 Responses to ViciousCircle 07 – Boomershoot 2009

  1. Bill Waites says:

    OK, Alan, I give, how do I find it on Itunes?

  2. Stingray says:

    Not so much “scared and run off” but more “How will I keep my drink refilled during the vast expanses in which I have nothing to say other than ‘Yes, I’m aware of boomershoot.’?”.

  3. You forgot me. I still think you suck. Bastard, you got the comic.