Tactical Double Barrel Shotgun — No Comments

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  3. Looks like there’s a crack in the grip in your second picture! I like it. I have a nice 12g nickel and black Coach Gun for HD that is concealed in the kitchen, handy and ready to rock with 000 Buck. The matte black is cool. Useless, maybe. Desirable, yes.

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  5. Just gotta make picatinny adapters for a katana and a crossbow. Perfect zombie medicine.

  6. I’ll stick with the HK tactical auto loader and the Mossberg Cruiser..I’ll take firepower over a hopped up rabbit gun anyday…Semper Fi America

  7. I agree with Old Jarhead. That is probably pretty expensive and it isn’t 1/4 the home defense weapon that a $150 used pump shotgun is.

  8. lets see..load each shell with eight both barrels at have a buck sixty going down range were the bad guy is…ouch…of course you only get one shot..but how many do you need. one shot one kill.

  9. This is actually a pretty good idea. Some people are mechanically disinclined, in fact, so maladroit with machinery that they short cycle pump guns and forget to chamber a round on semi-autos. But even the chronically thumbfingered can run a break action gun.

    To load: put shells in the holes. They won’t go in backwards.

    To check for clear: make sure nothing’s in the holes.

  10. This is one of those things every gucci gun nutt jumps on, but has no real tactical value. Get a freaking carrying capacity, not a 200 year old design with new accessories. What’s next? Scoped, thermals, PEQ6, PVS 16, P 32 Modulator, we4 have to draw the line on tactical and funny somewhere. This makes a good argument for it.

    – Ghost Grunt 11B4V

  11. You dont need all the goodies shown on the double in the pic. Just a good solid double with a 18-20 inch barrell.I want something that is simple and quick to dont need alot of rounds or a high cap. mag. in a bedroom or hallway when the bad guy comes calling,just something fast, dependable and can clear a room.And a double does that very nicely,And then there is something to be said about looking down two big holes instead of one.And as for old,well so am I ,and my colt 1911 some designs just stand the test of time.Anyway thats whats next to my bed,and I sleep better knowing it

  12. I am a big fan of shotguns, don’t own a double in any form, but want one. Not like this thing, simplicity, reliability and function, any firearm must follow those 3 rules to be in my inventory. Gadgets have their specific applications, don’t get me wrong, but at 3 AM going down the stairs to protect my wife and kids, I’d take the shotgun, no frills any day. Just my 2 cents, Otzie

  13. Chet? Seriously, yes. Add together someone with subnormal mechanical aptitude, a good dose of fear factor and adrenaline and then turn out the lights, and you can make a case for a very simple gun…with a light on it.

  14. there is a tactical advantage only a double barrel can offer, and that is the choice between two different rounds loaded, if it had a double trigger

  15. those of you who think this gun is dumb are fools. whats wrong with being able to mount a good flashlight or bayonet on the front of this boomstick? Seems to me some of you are just downright angry at whoever coined the “tacticool” term. those rails are downright handy. i have a 12g stoeger coach gun just like this and boy do i wish i could just mount a flashlight on it, mines got double triggers another tactical advantage that some people overlook. not just like jumbo said being able to pick diferent loads, double barrels also possess the fastest 2nd follow up shot than any other action type, PLUS a pump shotgun might hold up to ten rounds, my remmy express magnum does, but think how long it takes to reload that to full capacity. i have one. i know. a double barrel in the hands of someone that knows the gun and has practice with it can maintain a more steady rate of fire compared to a pump that has to sit there and reload forever. 2nd PLUS, a double barrel with two triggers has yet a third advantage over any other shotgun, the option of letting them both loose at once, i dont think i have to sit here and talk about how 100% more effective two rounds going off at once are over a single shot. point is double barrels are sick. a tactical double barrel like this is a great weapon in the hands of an experienced double gunner. feel free to contest anything i have said and i will defend it.

  16. I’ve got an old Springfield Arms/Stevens 20gauge that I’m redoing for home defense for the ol lady,and would love to have the added under mounted rail for a tactical light for her use.It allow her to see the critters(both animal&human),that might come a calling in the wee hours of the night.Someone could make alot of$$$ if they came up with a clamp on under rail mount for a SxS shotty.The scope mount is rediculous unless your using barrel inserts for shooting cartridge rounds…Matt

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  18. Odd Pro-
    is really fast to load from empty and fire vs pump.
    I’ve gone skeet shooting and can fire, empty, reload fast.

    Bringing a pump from unloaded up to battery isn’t fast, even if you tac-load the first shell.

    Why would you want to?
    Truck Gun.
    Even in Cali you can legally have a shotgun in vehicle (in a locked box and ammo separate) and a SG doesn’t have the pesky ‘must be going directly to or from an approved location’ law that a pistol does.

    Also, selection. A fixed choke SG can fire a WIDE variety of rounds from bean bag or birdshot to buck or slug and lots in between. A double lets you load one of each and select right or left on the fly, reload quickly and without looking and almost effortlessly adjust to conditions. To me this makes it a versatile tool though it is tactically limited.