America's Biggest Idiot

Unfortunately this isn’t a reality show, it’s real life.

Useful Idiot in Chief, Jimmy Carter is up to his tricks again.

Former President Jimmy Carter will urge the Obama administration to remove Hamas from the terrorist list, FOX News has learned.

Carter, a chief defender of the U.S.-designated terror group, said he will meet with officials in the Obama administration in two days to discuss his latest trip to the Middle East.

Carter said he feels personally responsible that American weapons were used to fight in Gaza Strip last year, when Israeli Defense Forces entered the strip to stop the launch of rockets from there into Israel.

Personally responsible? Bit of ego there.

Thank goodness this clown is irrelevant.

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0 Responses to America's Biggest Idiot

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    The worst thing about this irrelevant turd is his continued use by the Media as a flog against U.S. anything.

  2. mike w. says:

    I guess he doesn’t think sending suicide bombers into Israeli cities “terrorism.”

    Carter is an irrelevant old fool, and probably our worst President ever.