Boehner on cap-and-trade

From The Hill:

When asked why he read portions of the cap-and-trade bill on the floor Friday night, Boehner told The Hill, “Hey, people deserve to know what’s in this pile of s–t.”


Thankfully there are plenty of Democrats that aren’t willing to destroy country too.

One Democrat was upset that his leaders would needlessly force vulnerable Dems to vote for a bill that will come back to haunt them. Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor (D) voted against the measure that he says will die in the Senate.

“A lot of people walked the plank on a bill that will never become law,” Taylor told The Hill after the gavel came down.

There seems to be a lot of plank walking going on since “We Won” became the excuse to cram through every idiotic socialist utopia wet dream law a liberal ever had while they have the chance.

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