Why Obamacare must not happen

Kevin points out the most important reason Obamacare must not be allowed to happen:

Now, when the .gov takes over the $2.3 trillion in annual health expenditures, what do you want to bet one way they’ll eventually attempt to limit costs will be by limiting patient’s right to sue for malpractice?

Now I’ll state right up front that I sincerely believe that tort law needs to be reformed, and it’s long overdue, but there are cases such as this one where the patient MUST be compensated. This young man went in for gall bladder surgery, and came out missing his legs. He now faces months of rehabilitation, prosthetics, and a lot of pain, plus he’s out of his job, facing medical retirement on about half of his current $1,600 monthly income.

But the government cannot be held responsible.

And Obama and company want to foist upon us a system that will, sooner or later, be just like this.

I’ve never been in favor of Obamacare, but this puts the issue in a whole new light.

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0 Responses to Why Obamacare must not happen

  1. Old NFO says:

    AND tort reform is NOT part of the program…

  2. Keith says:

    Medicare patients retain rights to sue their doctors for malpractice. The same will be true for under the proposed health care reform. Doctors will NOT be employed by the government and maintain personal responsibility for their actions. If you’re going to disagree with something, at least get your facts straight.

  3. alan says:


    1. I didn’t write it, Kevin at Smallest Minority did. You’re obviously new to blogs and don’t understand the concept of quoting. That said I DO agree with what Kevin wrote.

    2. Go READ and understand the post before you accuse me of not having my facts straight. Kevin didn’t say Obamacare in its current form wouldn’t allow patients to sue, he was making a prediction that in the future that would be implemented as a “cost saving measure”.

    And just as an aside, waving Medicare around as an example of how great Obamacare will be isn’t going to win you any converts to socialism. Other than the VA system, the primary shining example of government healthcare, Medicare is a cautionary tale for anyone paying attention of how horrible Obamacare will be.