White House says guns OK, in other news hell getting chilly.

This morning White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that legal guns are OK at protest events.

Armed men seen mixing with protesters outside recent events held by President Obama acted within the law, the White House said Tuesday, attempting to allay fears of a security threat.

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said people are entitled to carry weapons outside such events if local laws allow it. “There are laws that govern firearms that are done state or locally,” he said. “Those laws don’t change when the president comes to your state or locality.”

Well, they are legal. I’m glad to see the Obama administration showing signs of common sense for a change.


Paul Helmke is a sad panda this morning (along with some gun bloggers that wound up on the same side as the Bradys.)

Sad Panda icon shamelessly stolen from Robb Allen.
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