5 years for $200

5 years in jail for essentially failing to pay a $200 tax.

A Lincoln man will spend close to five years in federal prison for possessing a homemade gun silencer.

On Monday, United States District Judge Richard Kopf sentenced Douglas West to 57 months in prison following his conviction for unlawful possession of a silencer.

West, 50, admitted guilt in May 2009 after being arrested in Lincoln in 2006 with the homemade silencer.

The U.S. Attorney says tests conducted by the ATF laboratories confirmed that the device functioned as a silencer and that it had been used as gunpowder residue was detected inside the device.

Joe mentions that MANY things can be used as a sound suppressor.

How would you like for the ATF to decide that the coke bottle you have in the trunk along with your range bag is a suppressor? (Because it is…)

Arbitrary and Capricious. Your government at work.

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