Sucky Science Fiction Movies! It's VC #18

Episode 18, Why can’t anyone make a good science fiction movie?

Join alan, Stingray, Labrat, TD, Unix-Jedi and Cueball as we cover the best, the worst and the bad ones we like anyway.

It’s Vicious Circle #18.

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0 Responses to Sucky Science Fiction Movies! It's VC #18

  1. Kristopher says:

    Bah. Didn’t hear a vote for Dark Star … an early Lucas film.

  2. alan says:

    We mentioned Dark Star. Toward the end when we talked about movies that suck but we like them anyway.

  3. Kristopher says:

    Ah good. I’m still about half way through the mp3 … about at the cat yowling point.

    Hard to get away with listening at work … damned users want UNIX support …

  4. Kristopher says:

    Ah … listening to the Star Wars dissection … the film had all sorts of probs in Japan. The protagonist is disloyal to the Emperor AND his father?