Vicious Circle 19 – The US Constitution

Episode 19, The 222nd anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution. In typical VC fashion we “analyze” (blovate about) what works and doesn’t work, what we would change and our favorite parts.

We also have a few opinions about the unfolding ACORN scandal and the death rattle of big media.

Join alan, Stingray, Labrat, JayG and pdb in our ongoing efforts to screw the inscrutable. Don’t forget to bring your screwdriver!

It’s Vicious Circle #19.

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle 19 – The US Constitution

  1. Jay G. says:

    Wow, that went up FAST!

  2. Kristopher says:

    I’m on board … instead of an income tax, simply enslave the stupid!

    Not sure who wants to buy an idiot, though … except some might make good sex toys …