For honest reporting you have to look outside the US

The Telegraph:

The UN loves Barack Obama because he is weak

You’ll never see that headline (and the truth behind it) in the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC or any of the other US bastions of “objective” journalism.

It is not hard to see why a standing ovation awaits the president at Turtle Bay. Obama’s popularity at the UN boils down essentially to his willingness to downplay American global power. He is the first American president who has made an art form out of apologizing for the United States, which he has done on numerous occasions on foreign soil, from Strasbourg to Cairo. The Obama mantra appears to be – ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to atone for your country. This is a message that goes down very well in a world that is still seething with anti-Americanism.

Forget never wasting a crises, never miss a chance to apologize for the US.

The president scores highly at the UN for refusing to project American values and military might on the world stage, with rare exceptions like the war against the Taliban. His appeasement of Iran, his bullying of Israel, his surrender to Moscow, his call for a nuclear free world, his siding with Marxists in Honduras, his talk of a climate change deal, have all won him plaudits in the large number of UN member states where US foreign policy has traditionally been viewed with contempt.

Simply put, Barack Obama is loved at the UN because he largely fails to advance real American leadership. This is a dangerous strategy of decline that will weaken US power and make her far more vulnerable to attack.

And that’s the fundamental foreign policy failure of the “progressives”. By weakening the United States abroad, they invite attack. But you won’t hear about that in the US media.

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