Vicious Circle 20 – Handgun Cartridges Suck

Episode 20, Handgun ammo and the myth of stopping power. Bullet size and power vs shot placement.

Join alan, pdb, Unix Jedi and TD as we discuss 9mm vs .40 vs .357 vs .45 etc. Pistol vs rifle and why we use a rifle instead of a pistol.

The bottom line: Shot placement counts more than bullet size. Rifles and Shotguns are better than pistols. Duh.

It’s Vicious Circle #20.

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle 20 – Handgun Cartridges Suck

  1. Roadkill says:

    Yes, handgun ammo is rarely enough. However, a lot of the lethal power of modern handgun carts comes from the selection of premium ammo we have available to us. If that supply is taken away, and only lead nose or ball remains, I’ll take the large caliber(.45) choices over the smaller(9mm).

  2. pdb says:

    Then you didn’t really listen to the podcast, and don’t understand shit about handguns.

  3. Roadkill says:

    No, I haven’t had the chance to listen yet. I just decided to make a comment on the subject. And I understand plenty about handguns. They are a measure of super portable firepower that can always be with you. To be honest, considering the many times we’ve argued on this subject, you and I are both lacking in the understanding shit about handguns department. Neither of us have spent much time killing humans with handguns and then observing the postmortem effects of said work. Until, someone collects human beings, and actually tests out the calibers on them in a scientific fashion. (I wouldn’t be surprised if China and maybe nazi germany might have committed such careful testing.) The caliber wars go on forever.

  4. Stan says:

    Shot placement shall forever be king.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Shot placement always has and always WILL be the priority…

  6. Kristopher says:

    My personal handgun, and my choice of ammo will always be better than anyone else’s.

    So there.