Vicious Circle 24 – Economic Stupidity

Episode 24 – Economic Stupidity

alan, TD, Caleb and Jason discus economic stupidity. From Government malfeasance to ignorant individuals. Don’t worry, I promise you won’t learn anything and there’s no math.

Only two hours this time, but you’ll probably need that screwdriver anyway.

Jason is also the founder of the guns group on LiveJournal. The Gumball video he mentions in the podcast is here.

It’s Vicious Circle #24.

Also available in the iTunes store (For Free! What a bargain!)

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle 24 – Economic Stupidity

  1. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Heh. Ferris Bueller ending.

  2. Kristopher says:

    More background sounds to grind goblins and pirates by … that “insane in the Membrane” WoW achievement ain’t going to earn itself …