Vicious Circle 25 – Open Carry

Episode 25

“Liberty is something entirely achievable, for us. We can actually make that happen, if we want to. ” -Jason Steiner

alan, pdb, UJ, Robb and Jason take on the Open Carry issue. (We’re all for it.)

And we slay the “retention” straw man while we’re at it.

Sorry, it’s still two hours this time and, contrary to rumor, there is no cash prize if you stay awake through the whole thing.

It’s Vicious Circle #25.

Also available in the iTunes store (For Free! What a bargain!)

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0 Responses to Vicious Circle 25 – Open Carry

  1. Kristopher says:

    Concerning noise and motorcycles:

    Noisy bikes are a matter of staying alive. Loud pipes wake up drivers on autopilot. Drivers who stay on autopilot run down motorcyclists.

  2. Ride Fast says:

    My dream is that someday we won’t always refer to the guy surprised by open carry, or guns in general, isn’t a guy from California. But I’m not holding my breath.