Silverdome sells for less than a house…

Bought at auction for $583,000 from City of Pontiac.

A Toronto-based family-owned company bid $583,000 for the under-used stadium on Monday, which is currently owned by the City of Pontiac, Mich., according to auctioneer Williams & Williams.

The company plans to refurbish the Silverdome into a stadium for men’s Major League Soccer and women’s professional soccer teams, said the auctioneer.

I think the Canadians paid too much.

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0 Responses to Silverdome sells for less than a house…

  1. Old NFO says:

    $55M vs. $500,000? not bad, less than 1% of the total build costs 🙂

  2. Rabbit says:

    Location, location, location.

    It’s kinda like the country of Nigeria. They bought the best house in the neighborhood, but the neighborhood is a shithole.

    With all the acreage, I’d be inclined to rent/use the parking lots as storage, but there’s no incoming freight in the area nor anyone who needs to store conex boxes.