QOTD – On Skepticism

Should you see any of these three signs (Secrecy, Doomsaying, Consensus), it’s right to be skeptical. Skepticism is not saying “They’re wrong automatically because they’re saying this”.

Skepticism is saying “I wish to see the data and follow the reasoning for myself.”

Any honest scientist welcomes skepticism and the chance to show off their work.


Ken has a great Mission Statement:

This blog is focused on issues of science, statistics, and their intersection with the creation of public policy.

I’m an apolitical conservative. I care about the facts, not the sound bites, or who gets political advantage from something. I care that if science is being used to inform public policy, that that science be transparent, open, and the data sets and means of analysis are available to all.

Let the data speak for itself. If your knowledge of climate change boils down to talking points from one side or the other of the political spectrum, please read on and ask questions.

I have a handful of people who can do deeper analysis than I can, I hope to lure a few of them in here. When I make mistakes (and I will), I expect people to tell me what they are, where the method I misfollowed was, and help me understand better what’s going on.

I’m here to explore the science, not become yet another political blog.

I’m adding him to my RSS feed.

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