Honduras 3, Obama 0

Obama continues his losing streak with the Honduran Congress voting overwhelmingly to not reinstate former President Zelaya.

MPs in Honduras have voted overwhelmingly against reinstating President Manuel Zelaya, shrugging off international pressure four months after a coup that has isolated one of the poorest countries in the Americas.

As the vote continued, more than two-thirds of members of Congress had voted not to return the deposed president to power for the remainder of his term, which ends on January 27, as Washington and many Latin American governments had urged.

Honduran media put the ongoing vote at 98-12, well in excess of the simple majority needed in the 128-member, single-chamber Congress for the vote against restoring Mr Zelaya to succeed.

I’m happy that the people of Honduras are standing up to Marxist bullying.

Honduras’s interim leaders have proven remarkably resistant to diplomatic arm-twisting since the June 28 coup, rejecting demands that the deposed president be restored to his office before the previously scheduled election.

Politician after politician insisted that they were right the first time when they voted to oust Mr Zelaya for ignoring a Supreme Court order to cancel a referendum on changing the constitution.

That vote happened hours after soldiers stormed Mr Zelaya’s residence and sent him into exile in his pajamas.

He’s lucky they let him leave in his PJs.

The traditions method involves tar, feathers and a rail.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air says,:

The vote is a slap in the face to the Obama administration, which has insisted that the parliament conducted a coup by removing Zelaya from office. After getting slapped by Congress and its Law Library for misstating the facts of Zelaya’s removal, the State Department reluctantly agreed to recognize the regularly-scheduled Honduran presidential election and let Honduras’ parliament determine Zelaya’s status. The White House publicly expected Honduras to restore Zelaya in some capacity for a short transition period.

However, as statements by MPs on the floor show, Obama and his team miscalculated the depth of the insult felt by Hondurans over the US intervention

Obama needs to STFU. He’s not winning this one. The fact that he doesn’t realize it even now shows how woefully incompetent he really is.

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  1. La Gringa says:

    The final vote was 111 to 14, with 3 congressmen not attending. 87%

  2. Old NFO says:

    Yep, democracy at work, WITHOUT the unions… 🙂

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