Drink Up!

On this date in 1933, Prohibition ended.

And with a resounding clink of glass on glass the nation got back to the drinking it had never stopped.

Now if we could just stop that other equally stupid mistake: The “War” On Drugs.

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3 Responses to Drink Up!

  1. See, that would require common sense, Alan. Something that is entirely lacking in our government.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Works for me 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Tarb says:

    Hi Alan! I know this isn’t the correct spot to ask this, but I’m stuffed if I could figure out the public key thing. I was actually wanting to know what you do keep in your bail-out bag, since the last “Vicious Circle” was dedicated more to the general philosophy behind them. Yes, it’s a mall-ninjary type of question, but I’ve never denied being a gear whore! I’d actually love another meme to go around about ’em, because I always get a new perspective or ideas for my own kit.
    I’m in Western Australia by the way, and very much enjoy the “Vicious Circle”, since you were saying that having listeners in other countries spins you out! I don’t doubt that there a probably quite a few foreign listeners. I really enjoy hearing the voices of a lot of the bloggers I read daily (or monthly, in PDB’s and TD’s case. Where’s my free ice cream, dammit!) Okay, thanks for that, I hope I’m not being to intrusive asking about specifics, I know that can open whole cans of worms! Keep up the good work, I appreciate it!

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