Grade Inflation

Obama gives himself a B+

President Obama, in an interview that aired Sunday, gave himself “a good solid B-plus” grade for his first year in office.

I guess he thought an A would be unbelievable?

Obama said the only thing that stands in the way of giving himself a better grade is the fact that some elements of his agenda — health care reform and putting more Americans to work — remain undone.

OH! I get it.

He hasn’t destroyed the country completely yet, thus the B+ instead of the A.

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3 Responses to Grade Inflation

  1. mike w. says:

    So basically the only reason he doesn’t give himself an A is because other people have the gall to oppose his agenda….

    The man sure is a narcissist.

  2. Al says:

    Tiger Woods just gave himself an A- for first 5 years of marriage.

  3. Kristopher says:

    Does this mean that this is almost the best he could possibly do?

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